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About Us

Who are we?

(in alphabetical order)

Most of the lead vocal duties are performed by Brad but Orlando, Heather and Laurette are doing more of that these days.

I write most of the songs but there have been recent contributions from Orlando and from Steve and Colleen (the lady to whom Steve is married). When I say that I write the songs, it should also be said that each of the other band members usually creates their own parts within that song, sometimes with suggestions from me, sometimes I leave them to their own devices, and sometimes they have ideas that significantly change and improve a song.

So, how did we get together . . . Steve and Ted and I played together quite a bit in the mid-late '80s, then sort of drifted apart musically. In '98, we got together and jammed again. It felt so good that I wanted to keep going - it felt like "coming home". Ted and Steve were into it and now, with the Orlando making it sound right on the keyboard, we're having a good time and making music that we really like. And, that's what it's all about.

And, as if that wasn't enough, Laurette and Heather joined up in the latter part of 2000, significantly increasing our vocal strength.

We live in northwestern British Columbia, Canada, in a collection of communities known as The Hazeltons. If you know anything about this location, you'll understand the challenges involved in practicing in a big drafty garage in winter when outside temperatures can get down to -35 C or colder. I assure you that the lead solos are not quite as long, nor as fancy, in such conditions. But, Ted's got an old wood heater in there and I've got a bit of nice dry birch set aside for this winter . . .

More to come, if I can think of anything interesting that I want to reveal . . .

- Brad Reddekopp

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